Like present coconut oil companies in the initial market with technical machines and equipment which are used to produce crude palm oil serves in production, but it recognize it can’t bring consumers a crude product so since 2009, our company began to study with a team of engineers and technicians with high professional qualifications and knowledgeable about Vietnam coconut trees, especially dedicated to Ben Tre coconut tree – a symbol of the people here. With the team of engineers dedicated to products of the coconut’s hometown, company leaders have invested mechanical systems with the most advanced techniques. By technology “modern cold pressed” to produce coconut oil at a higher level in cosmetics exclusively.

POWR with products exported to countries so far more and more confirms its reputation and quality products to its regional partner. The company include 2 manufacturing plants are located in 2 districts Mo Cay District and Binh Dai District which are considered as Ben Tre coconut market. It focuses a large amount of coconut and the highest quality. The production process is checked and followed up by the technical team of the company right from the receipt of materials right to the production process of the international certification “Organic ‘to ensure clean air and raw materials without many impurities and chemistry. Finished coconut oil products are absolute disinfectants from production to packaging of finished products.

Powr believe that the products come with 100% coconut oil is extracted from a coconut in Ben Tre with technology does not generate heat in the extraction process as well as non-use of toxic preservatives, keep the whole matter the best nutrition coconut oil with a transparent white.



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